EPDM Rubber Granules
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About CoIorPIay

CoIorPIay is a trustworthy brand for EPDM rubber granules in India brought to you by ALP group who have been pioneers in Polymer Technology in India and have more than 30 years of STANDARD COLOR 0PTI0NS* experience into manufacturing

CoIorPIay assures you of high quality products- matching European specification Standards- in a wide range of colors at very affordable prices for application areas like sports surfacing, educational institutions, hotels, malls and other private semi-government and government institutions.

Our products are antibacterial, safe and environment friendly and we have adopted world class manufacturing systems & quality controls to offer you UV resistant, Weather Resistant and highly durable products.

Available in a wide range of colors.


- UV Resistant

- Bright Colors

- All Weather

- Non-Toxic

- Anti Skid

- Anti Fungal

- Anti Bacterial

- Soft, Safe & Durable