Why ALP 
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ALP Overseas (P) Ltd offering sealing solutions for the automotive, building, industrial and HVAC & R. We are market leaders in the Automotive aftermarket and also enjoy a significant market share in the Industrial seals in India. ALPO is also the largest exporters of EPDM sealing in India.


Scope & Growth:

We are part of the Automotive spares and aftermarket Industry which is more than $ 5 Billion industry in India and about $ 500 billion world wide. The industry is expected to grow at an average of more than 10% over the next 5 year. 


ALPO has an aggressive approach to growth. We are consistently adding market and products in our portfolio, which creates tremendous personal growth opportunity for its team members



We foster a culture that mobilizes employees around defined and shared goals. We reinforce the idea that diversity is about seeking diverse experience, diverse ideas and diverse solutions to resolve problems. Our work culture is Pro-active, Employee centric and giving them ample space to explore, learn, grow and soar higher. 



ALPO encourages its employees to work in various departments, travel, participate in conferences, seminars and exhibitions. We also organize in-house  training and sponsor certified / professional courses to ensure skills improvements.  


ALPO offer very competitive compensation to it employees and has a well defines KRA system in place which help in employee personal development  and growth.