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Research & Development - (Testing & Innovation center)

R&D center at Rudrapur is recognized and Registered by DSIR, M/o of Science & Technology government of India. This center is well equipped with modern rubber testing equipments and it has been working to provide customers with the best solutions at affordable prices. Many rubber technologist and chemical engineer working for continues testing &innovation in rubber products 
It developed several technologies which have not only benefited the Company but also contributed substantially to a green environment.

Major products developed recently are:

• Sound insulation block by using NBR foam scrap, resulting in Zero wastage and 100% recycling of waste material generated in the manufacturing of NBR foam. Nitrile Insulation foam was for the first time develop in India.
• Antimicrobial NBR foam-As per ASTM 2180 & ASTM G 21.
• Anti Vibration block from EPDM solid and sponge scrap which is generated during the extrusion process.

The list of our equipments comprises:  

• Rheometers (MDR)
• Mooney viscometers.
• Lab intermix (Farrel made), two roll baby mill, Hydraulic press.
• UTM, CLD, Insertion/Retention testing machine.
• Hampden Ozone Chamber, Ageing Ovens, Muffle furnace
• Flock motion tester, Flock adhesion tester
• Bursting Strength Tester
• Thickness Gauge, Micro Hardener Tester, Specific Gravity Balance.
• Moisture testing machine, Melting point testing machine, Furd cup 4 viscometer, Saybolts viscometer. Flashpoint testing machine, DBP & Aniline point testing machine.