At ALP Overseas, Quality is one of our utmost priorities. We understand that each and every product needs flawless installation and unmatched after-sales support. Rigorous efforts have been put in for standardizing the input, actual processes and the output. To keep the consistency in product quality, its entire processes, materials, operations with skilled task force and testing validations are established with Quality Management Systems and Quality Assurance.

Quality Systems

ALP Overseas's Quality systems conforms to IATF-16949-2016 and ISO-9001-2015 international standards for supplier management, manufacturing management and the company is continually enhancing customer satisfaction for the deliveries and new product development.The model of certified Quality Management System covers the complete quality assurance of manufacturing processes. We are committed to provide world-class quality product & services, acting upon the best practices that contribute to achieve optimum product quality & exemplary services.

Quality of the product is ensured right from the input i.e. testing raw material received from suppliers as per global standards. The manufacturing processes are certified internally at each step. The products are 100% passed through various in-process and final inspection & testing set ups ensuring its quality by the skilled engineers. Improvement actions are also prompted into the Quality Management Systems as per the feedback received from our customers.

Quality Assurance

ALP Overseas maintains its manufacturing set ups by implementing TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) philosophy of 8 Pillars and also keeps the productivity, Quality and the safety of their work force on top priority.

  • Vickers Hardness Tester

  • Bursting Strength Tester

  • Rheology Test

  • Rheology testing - Automatic Results

  • Moony Viscosity Test

  • Shore A Hardness

  • Shore D Hardness

  • Specific Gravity Tester

  • UTM for insertion and Retention Test

  • Profile Checking at Shadow Graph

ALP Overseas continuously works towards improving product design, supplier quality, manufacturing processes, quality assurance methods and methodologies. This involves planning and managing the complete operational supply chain from suppliers to production and final shipping to the customers.